Full Specification

I sell fully completed, hand built models.
✓ My quality models represent excellent value for money
✓ I do not use etched chassis (etched chassis can bend and cause bad running)
✓ Mainframes, rods and valve gear are profile milled and some are laser cut
✓ Concealed pickups, sprung buffers, glazing, cab detail, crew & real coal fitted as standard
✓ Lead added to assist adhesion to track
✓ Your choice of airbrushed finish, livery, number and logo at no extra cost
✓ I can supply the motorised chassis only (i.e. without the body)
✓ Radio controlled versions can be supplied, with the 2.4GHz system. Simply switch on and go.

The Motor

The correct motor is the vital heart of the model. Quality and power are paramount. Why cut costs with poor quality? Mashima motors have limited power. In the smaller models I fit the Japanese Cannon. This is one and a half times more powerful than the Mashima.

In the larger models both 7mm & gauge 1 I fit the excellent and proven ABC helical start, multistage gearbox, coupled to a Swiss Maxon motor, this setup is two and a half times more powerful than the Mashima. Larger motors are fitted in the Gauge 1 models.

The Maxon motor is currently being used by NASA to power the Mars probe. They must know quality.

Tanks will haul at least five coaches. The larger models, at least ten coaches. Of course, if required, your choice of motor can be fitted.